The Fragmented Galaxy server is currently being developed around MySQL with a collection of smaller programs and tasks developed in Python, RealBasic, shell scripts etc. The client is now being developed in Panda3D. If you are interested in becoming a developer you can join the Dev wiki. Some of the developers are listed on the members page. Currently development is going pretty slow, but it has been continuous.

I'll leave this to do list here, but it is horribly out of date. The client has been completely restarted from scratch, and the server fully redesigned and restructured since this was written.

Very rough todo list:
(Last updated July 26, 2008)

Current Goal - Ground Combat Game

Release a minimal statistical ground combat game. (Expect another release with more fixes)

Remaining Steps

  1. Get client side GC controls working (Server side coded - June 13, 2008)
  2. Debug and release ground combat game (In progress - June 22, 2008)
  3. Get GUI into 3D view through HUD (In progress - July 15, 2008)
    • Design/Build GC Displays (Planned - July 26, 2008)
    • Design/Build Communication Displays (Planned - July 26, 2008)
      • Instant Chat Display (Planned - July 26, 2008)
      • Mail System Display (Planned - July 26, 2008)


  1. Finish reorganizing server. (Tested - April 2, 2008)
  2. Add ability to save player data for planets on server. (Tested - May 14, 2008)
  3. Adding colonies (Tested - May 14, 2008)
  4. Display GC planet data on client (Tested - May 15, 2008)
  5. Periodically Update GC data. (Tested - May 20, 2008)


The content basically coded and available for a minimal GC release. The top priority now is to build the user interface so that a player can access and manipulate this content. This task has been delayed while Craig designed and built our HUD system, but now the HUD is starting to mature and soon the user interface will be under construction.

Next Goal - Advanced and fun ground combat game

Once the ground combat game is functional, we will improve it. The items below will be added one at a time for a long chain of improvements while the game stays playable.

Remaining Steps (Possible options for inclusion over time in the GC game)

  • Fix all the broken stuff from the last release.
  • 3D map (Designed)
    1. Spherical planet (Designed)
    2. Polygon based nations on the surface
      1. Apply GC algorithms to polygons
    3. 3D terrain (Designed)
    4. LOD Deep zooming (Designed)
    5. Vegetation and coloring (Designed)
    6. Location based resources (Designed)
  • Economy (Designed, Simulator Started)
  • Resource Gathering (Designed)
  • Technologies (Designed)
  • Advanced diplomacy (Designed, GUI started)
  • Action/Reaction trigger system (Designed)

Longterm Goal - Space combat

Once we are satisfied that ground combat is fun (likely before we implement all the features above), we will begin work on space combat. This will take a while to get functional, but the ground combat game will be playable during this period, and likely still improving.

Remaining Steps

  • Collision detection (Designed)
  • Database app
    • Build GUI (Done)
    • Finish and test
  • Ship building (Designed, GUI Started)
    • Build GUI (Partly Done)
    • Finish and test
  • Lot more stuff!


  • AI Framework
  • Physics
  • Galaxy generation
  • Basic particle effects
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