Warning: The downloads provided here will crash, and do almost nothing of any interest. They do not resemble our plans for the final game in any significant way.

These downloads are only placed here as proof that we are making progress, and for the convenience of the developers. We take no responsibility for that they may or may not to. If you bother downloading and running the provided version, be sure to read the full description and the known issues list.


Server Status

Check out the server status page to see if the server is available.

Panda3D Planet Viewer/Client (February 5, 2010)

This tiny file (372 KB) should provide a functional viewer for a single planet.
To run the client file, you will need the panda3D runtime (a rather small download of about 2 mb)
Once installed, you should be able to just double click the FGPlanet.p3d file and get the planet viewer.
Download: FGPlanet.p3d
The first time you run it, panda will have to download a bunch of stuff, so it may take a while. If it seems stuck, try quitting and relaunching it.
If the FGPlanet.p3d file gets its extension modified (such as renamed to you may need to set it back to just FGPlanet.p3d

This has very little testing! It will probably work ok on an intel mac running leopard (OSX 10.5) with a good graphics card. Potentially it should work on most other things too, but I'm guessing there will be strange bugs that will cause issues. Good luck! Initial tests indicate that it works, though with some graphical glitches on windows and linux.

There are a lot of known issues, limitations and bugs in this release.


click and drag to rotate. Scroll wheel to zoom. Hit c to toggle to first person mode (where mouse and WASD+QE control). o toggles wireframe. p takes a high rez screenshot, but will fail to save it anywhere. Up and down arrow keys set exposure (brightness). Be sure to fly down to the surface in first person and watch a sunset or two!

(Here be old stuff)


Test Client 1.4.1_33

(This thing is hella old. It is like 2008 ok?)


This should connect to our server (It will sometimes be running, check the status on the server status page). If it connects it should display a galaxy of orbiting stars. Take a look at the (out of date) screen shots page. It also supports account creation and logging in. Feel free to make an account, or a few! If you made an account in a previous version (before 1.4.0_31), you will need a new account. This is because the password management system has changed to protect your security, and we didn't want to bother updating the old database to make it work.


We do not take any responsibility for what these applications do. They should do no harm, and possibly do something interesting, but we can not guarantee it. These are early releases of incomplete buggy software that is barley tested. Enjoy!
FG Mac (zip) (15.9 MB)
FG Windows (zip) (13.2 MB)


The user interface should now be clear. Please let us know if you need some instructions. You can now control-shift click some things to bring up our in game wiki help. Be sure to right (control) click objects in the 3D view to access the new ground combat functionality.

Known Issues

  • On mac when launching the client, sometimes nothing will display. If this happens, bring it to the front by clicking it in the dock.
  • Focusing the camera on planets may not work well.
  • The buttons in the log in and create account windows look funny.
  • On windows, the control-shift click for in game wiki help requires a right click.
  • The first message in the chat window is preceded by a blank line.
  • On Windows, a single process gets left running, but does not use any CPU.
  • User names are case sensitive
  • Both passwords and usernames may not work with non ASCII characters
  • After closing the chat or colonies window, they can not be shown again.
  • using default view from the solar system view causes strange errors with the star rendering that are effected by zoom (the galaxy splits up).
  • Chat and colonies buttons are not locked in place on the main window (don't move when resizing).
  • Closing the colonies window (and possibly the chat window) can cause a nil object exception.
  • When switching to a new focus, orbiting it does not apply the new orbiting that keeps the focus centered for quite a while of waiting.

New in 1.4.1_33

Fixed auto log in bug, displaying multiple copies of some windows, and at least one rare nil object exception. Also, a new bug reporting system is implemented.

New in 1.4.0_31

Too many changes to list fully.

New in 1.2.0_25

Galaxy system completely redone (much better performance). Solar systems and ships are no longer displayed.

New in 1.1.1_22

Scroll wheel fixed in windows, and arrow key zooming added. The user interface has also been cleaned up quite a bit and remembering logins has been added.

New in 1.1.0_16

Logins, account creation and many improvements. Also, our first HUD button in included and made with the new scripts. The ships now have super minimal AI (notice sometimes the thrusters go off), and many things have changed or been added.

New in 1.0.0_11

Brand new improved interface and camera control. You can now control the camera with the mouse! Just click and drag to rotate and use the scroll wheel to zoom. The keyboard controls still work and are also improved. The network traffic should also be reduced and lag should be a bit better.

Other Notes

Please let us know how/if it works for you by posting to the forums.

Music Handler

Most of this is included in the main FG release now.
Includes several songs and an application that plays them based on adjustable mood values. This will later be used to play the background music in FG.


Build 2: Now there is a Windows version and all the tracks are mp3, so it works on windows and is a smaller download.
The file size is large because of the amount of music contained. All contents are owned by the Fragmented Galaxy project. Don't go stealing our music!
Music App Mac (zip) (13.1 MB)
Music App Win (zip) (11.7 MB)

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