Fragmented Galaxy
Anything about the game itself
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News about Fragmented Galaxy from the developers
69492by Craig MacomberCraig Macomber
27 Aug 2010 19:24Jump!
Thoughts on the Story
234by PhenocaPhenoca
22 Apr 2009 19:28Jump!
Anything about the game play of Fragmented Galaxy
9186by Craig MacomberCraig Macomber
10 Sep 2011 02:56Jump!
Thoughts on various strategies
1078by Craig MacomberCraig Macomber
11 Aug 2009 19:32Jump!
Any requests or suggestions for Fragmented Galaxy
16147by Craig MacomberCraig Macomber
31 Dec 2009 08:56Jump!
Problems you have with Fragmented Galaxy
323by PhenocaPhenoca
24 Dec 2009 00:42Jump!
Anything about the game, but not covered in the other sections
851by Craig MacomberCraig Macomber
04 Jul 2009 00:14Jump!
Anything about this site
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News about the site from the developers
27119by tbg10101tbg10101
02 Nov 2009 04:30Jump!
Any requests or suggestions for this site including appearance and content
413by Craig MacomberCraig Macomber
25 Jan 2010 22:05Jump!
Problems you have with this site
15by Craig MacomberCraig Macomber
03 Feb 2010 07:42Jump!
Anything about the site, but not covered in the other sections
325by graf von zangraf von zan
12 Sep 2009 22:47Jump!
The home of testing discussions and news
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All news about testing Fragmented Galaxy
954by Matt RMatt R
12 Feb 2010 13:02Jump!
General discussions
323by Craig MacomberCraig Macomber
21 Jul 2008 19:51Jump!
Have testing questions?
Bugs revealed during testing
517by Craig MacomberCraig Macomber
25 Jun 2008 23:06Jump!
Other testing related stuff
Anything else relevant that does not fit in the other topics
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Announcements from the developers
14by PhenocaPhenoca
08 Nov 2008 04:54Jump!
Introduce yourself to the community
1373by Craig MacomberCraig Macomber
12 Sep 2009 23:43Jump!
Anything about Fragmented Galaxy but not about this site or the game
210by PhenocaPhenoca
16 Dec 2009 00:09Jump!
Anything not related to this site, or Fragmented Galaxy
1795by tbg10101tbg10101
02 Nov 2009 18:47Jump!

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